Ledlenser HF8R Signature 2000Lumen Rechargeable Headlamp

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Experience the ultimate high-end illumination with the Ledlenser HF8R Signature, featuring our patent-pending Adaptive Light Beam Technology for automatic dimming and focusing. This groundbreaking feature allows for hands-free operation without any manual control, providing seamless transitions between floodlight and spotlight modes. The HF8R Signature also boasts our patent-pending Digital Advanced Focus System, enabling virtually effortless and precise focusing.

Enhancing the premium HF range, the HF8R Signature comes with added red, green, and blue front lights, offering enhanced versatility for any environment.

Using the connect adapter included, easily remove the headlamp from the bracket to adjust the light angle by hand. The universal mounting bracket ensures convenient and secure attachment.

Additionally, the HF8R Signature offers SOS light mode and strobe mode for signaling and improved visibility. Personalise and remotely control the headlamp through the Ledlenser Connect App, taking advantage of its connectivity capabilities.

Built with an efficient cooling system, the HF8R Signature delivers remarkable power and consistent light output. Durable aluminium housing ensures resilience, while the reflective headband enhances visibility.

Discover the power of innovation and precision with the Ledlenser HF8R Signature, where Adaptive Light Beam Technology and Digital Advanced Focus System redefine your headlamp experience.


  • Adaptive Light Beam technology - Dims and focuses automatically adjusting the beam as you focus on wider open areas or closer tasks.
  • Slim and low profile design - Discreet design ensures a lightweight and comfortable fit.
  • Uncompromised spatial awareness - Integrated battery position reduces accidental impacts of the headlamp.
  • Smart Light Technology (SLT) - Offers 6 different light functions (boost, high, mid, low power, SOS & strobe).
  • Ledlenser Connect App - Bluetooth smartphone connection, set up your headlamp exactly how you want it using the (paid) Ledlenser connect app.
  • RGB Light - With additional red, green, and blue options, the headlamp helps preserve night vision and aids in tracking and animal watching.
  • Stepless tilting lamp head - Effortlessly adjust the headlamp up to 45° to your desired angle for optimal illumination.
  • Digital Advanced Focus System - Achieve seamless focusing with ease using our patent-pending Digital Advanced Focus system. Fine-tune your light beam effortlessly by simply turning the front rotary switch, allowing for precise customisation of your illumination.
  • Magnetic Charge System - For quick and easy recharging. Recharges in 270 minutes via magnetic contacts.
  • Battery indicator, Charge indicator, Low battery warning - Makes it easy to manage your battery life.
  • Connect adaptor - This convenient accessory allows you to easily remove the headlamp from the bracket, providing flexibility and precise control over the direction of the light beam.
  • IP68 - Resistant to continuous immersion in water.
  • Transportation lock - Prevents the light from being switched on by accident – great in a pack.
  • Backup mode - When the battery power of the headlamp drops below 25%, it automatically switches to a reduced output mode, conserving battery life for extended use.
  • Memory function - Headlamp will return to the last light setting used.
  • Temperature control system - Ledlenser headlamps will never get hot or overheat, regardless of how much you use them.
  • Silicone comfort pad - Attaches to the reverse side of the headlamp providing a cushioned layer, easily removed for cleaning.


Brightness (Boost) 2000 lumens
Brightness (High) 900 lumens
Brightness (Mid) 300 lumens
Beam Range (Boost) 220m
Beam Range (High) 200m
Beam Range (Mid) 100m
Beam Range (Low) 25m
Burn Time (High) 3.5 hours
Burn Time (Mid) 10 hours
Burn Time (Low) 90 hours
Water/Dust Resistant IP68
Weight 194g
Batteries Rechargeable Li-ion 3.7V 3700 mAh (included)
Light Functions Blink, Boost, Power, Mid Power, Low Power, S.O.S, Strobe
Recharge time 4.5 hours
Also in the box Silicone comfort pad, Connect adapter, Magnetic charging cable (USB-C), Universal mounting bracket
Technologies Temperature control system, Magnetic charge system, Adaptive Light Beam, Emergency Light, Cooling technology, Digital Advanced Focus System

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