Kovea Hiker Stove

Kovea Hiker Stove

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Kovea Stove Hiker

Hiker gas stove is small but has strong fire power in comparison to the size of the burner head, which evenly distributes firepower. The ignition plate makes lighting easy and maximizes power. A convenient ignition button is built into the lightweight aluminum valve.

• Boil time: 4’18 ” (1 litre cold water 15oC 96oC)
• Room condition 24oC / Fuel: KOVEA Gas (KGF-0230)
• Foldable assistant legs provide larger pan support
• Large and effecient burner head
• Convenient push-button piezo ignition built into valve
• Aluminum valve adapted to make it lightweight

Dimension: 96 X 88 X 90mm (Inner Box)
Weight: 232g
Ignition: Manual
Fuel: One Touch Piezo Type
Consumption: 148g/h (1,751kcal / 6,951BTU / 2.03kW

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