Bridgedale Trail Run U/L T2 Merino Sport Low Socks

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Ultralight Low Merino sock for Trail Running with T2 micro cushioned impact protection zones. Designed to keep your feet dry and comfortable for warmer climates.

Supportive compression from the cuff through the arch improves Proprioception (joint position awareness) around the ankle and mid foot aiding stability and improving balance. Extended, close fitting cuff to prevent debris entering the sock. Reinforced toe box to avoid splits holes & blow outs when descending. Wide and un-restrictive, natural toe box allows toes to splay naturally.

34% Merino Wool, 51% Nylon / Polyamide, 14% LYCRA DRY / Polyamide, 1% LYCRA / Elastane
Small = UK3-5.5, Med = UK6-8.5, Large = UK9-11.5, XL = UK11+

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