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Thermarest Sleeping Mats: For an insulated and comfortable resting experience

Thermarest is the world leader in lightweight sleeping mats and pillows for your outdoor adventures. Dwights range of Thermarest sleeping mats will ensure you get a great nights sleep no matter the location. With industry leading mats like the NeoAir Xlite, NeoAir Xtherm and NeoAir Uberlite, Thermarest is hard to beat.

Why buy Thermarest sleeping pads?

Sleeping mats of Thermarest in NZ are one of the high-demand purchases. Visit any camping site and you will come across these sleeping pads due to their enormous advantages. New Zealand has interesting terrains and locations that motivate campers and hikers to take up frequent trips to be close to nature. Although these adventurous activities demand some wild experiences, the need for specific camping and hiking gear cannot be ignored. One such essential product is sleeping pads. The Thermarest sleeping pads are one of the most useful additions to camping gear you can have. They’re comfortable, insulated, compact and lightweight.

These insulated sleeping pads are light weighted and so can be easily carried during an adventurous trip across the country. The Thermarest sleeping mats are designed to keep you safe and comfortable and are light to carry. They are made with premium quality materials that make them warm, durable, and compact.

Why buy from us?

Dwights brings you the best collection of sleeping pads from Thermarest in NZ. We understand the challenges that you face in camping adventures and try to fix them through innovative ways.

We have some of the best sleeping pads from Thermarest to choose from. Visit our website for the best Thermarest products.


The closed-cell foam material of Thermarest blocks water and does not absorb it. Thus, making it waterproof. The Thermarest sleeping pads are designed for ultimate comfort and insulation while sleeping on unusual terrains.
The Thermarest in NZ is capable of holding your weight as long as you are simply lying on it. In that case, your body weight does not really matter, the sleeping pad will accommodate you comfortably. However, jumping on the sleeping pad or putting your full weight through the elbow can be compromising for the sleeping pads.
In the uncommon event of creating a puncture in your Thermarest mat, the best way to identify a hole in your Thermarest sleeping pads is by looking for small bubbles forming on the pad when rubbed with soapy water. However, if this does not work, you can submerge the pad in a tub filled with water and check for the escaping bubbles. The origin of the bubbles will help in locating the leakage.
Sleeping pads are essential and important for a good night’s sleep outdoors. It not only provides cushioning in uneven terrains and surfaces but also offers insulation. The sleeping pads from Thermarest in NZ help you keep warm throughout the night and provide a comfortable surface to sleep on.