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Rain Jacket in NZ: Protecting from sudden downpours outdoors

Travelling outdoors or wandering in the wild, you cannot predict the weather, and more so the rain. It can rain any time of the day without even any prior forecast. And so, it becomes extremely important to stay protected and covered for any such situations during outdoor activities.

A lightweight waterproof rain jacket in NZ is one of the most sorted essentials for outdoor activities. Whether you take pleasure in long walks, hiking, or camping, a waterproof jacket in NZ is what will keep you covered from unforeseen downpours.

Dwights Outdoors is your place to shop for the best waterproof jacket in NZ. We have a huge collection of rain coats in NZ that can be the perfect solution for trips during the rainy season or a cover for sudden rain spells.

Waterproof rain jacket in New Zealand: An important hiking, camping and backpacking gear.

Rain jackets are also popularly known as rain shells or hard shells and are pieces of clothing that protects from the water with also allowing the body to breathe while exerting energy. There are also many more attributes to the rain jacket in Wellington and these add up to the popularity of these products.

The key to any rain jacket is a breathable and waterproof fabric that is comfortable for any kind of weather and in several activity modes. The core material for a rain jacket or a rain poncho in nz is Gore-Tex and Pertex, which has breathable and waterproof features.

Before Gore-Tex was invented in 1969 and Pertex in 1979, the major challenge in rainjackets was to provide hikers and outdoor activity enthusiasts with something that will let out the sweat, condensation, and body warmed air from the inside of the jackets. With Gore-Tex and Pertex, it was achieved, as the range of products made from this material is waterproof, windproof, and breathable along with many additional benefits.

Before Gore-Tex and Pertex, rain jackets were made of Polyurethane (PU) or Polyvinylchloride (PVC), these products had very little breathability. This made it uncomfortable to be used while in an outdoor activity. Sweating and heat were the main problems with these rain jackets in NZ.

Our Collection of best waterproof jacket New Zealand:

Dwights Outdoor is a renowned space for outdoor gear and all types of hiking, camping and backpacking essentials. We understand the needs and requirements for various outdoor endeavours and so are vowed to bring our customers the best products for a comfortable and safe experience.

We have a wide range of rain jackets which is available for a broad array of customers. From men's jackets to women's rain jackets, womens rain jacket NZ to kids rain jacket NZ and plus size rain jacket NZ. We bring some of the best waterproof jacket NZ made from original Pertex material for the best comfort and breathability along with being waterproof.

Our collection also includes the down waterproof jacket in NZ which is perfect for cold and changeable weather. Along with an insulated helmet-compatible hood, these jackets are the perfect product for winter.

Shop for women’s, kids and mens rain jacket in NZ and plus size rain jacket in NZ from our website for the best price and quality products. Start your hiking or camping shopping with us for a great variety and exclusive range of rain jackets in New Zealand.



Pertex and Goretex is the best material that is widely used for manufacturing rain jackets. This material is known for its waterproof and breathable qualities. Goretex jacket in NZ and a rain jacket made from Pertex are durable, extremely breathable, windproof, rugged, and have an improved environmental footprint.
If your rain jacket is made from Pertex, then with proper care and maintenance it can easily last and be functional for 3 to 5 years, when worn frequently. Regular wear results in friction and the generation of heat that makes the DWR break down faster. However, with proper storage and lesser usage, it can remain functional for up to 10 years.
It is believed that the best way to counter winter is to keep the warm layer of air closer to the skin. And wearing a windproof layer of clothing helps to achieve this by countering the cold wind. The rain jacket in wellington made from Gore-Tex or Pertex material serves the purpose right.
When you are wearing your rain gear frequently, you are recommended to wash it every 20 to 30 uses. But if you are wearing your rain jacket during activities such as running, hiking, or camping, it is advisable to wash them every 10 to 15 uses as sweat and other contaminants build up in the jacket.
The rain jackets should fit you snugly without restricting any sort of movement while wearing them. You should be able to freely move your hand, twist your body, and do other activities without the jacket restricting you.