The sunroom is the 2 side walls and front wall which attach by Velcro to the tent veranda. Also comes with a floor.

Universal Sunroom

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The Universal Sunroom is an optional extra to purchase with the Dwight's Outdoors Canvas Tent Range. 
Add a full canvas sunroom onto the front veranda and you can create an enclosed additional room.  .

This new innovation allows the 3 front walls to be used independently as wind breaks on either side.

Each Universal Sunroom room comes with:

1 x front wall.

2 x side walls, with removable plastic windows.

Removable floor, Heavy Duty 14 x 14 PE Floor

Dwight's Sunrooms are made from the same canvas as the tent. No point making a sunroom out of lightweight fabrics which will not last as long as the tent.

This Sunroom fits all Dwight's Outdoors canvas tents from 2012 onwards.

Customer Reviews

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Customer Reviews

Based on 1 review Write a review