The Three Layers Of Hunting Clothing

Some of the most important products in our very extensive hunting gear range are the clothing items. Experienced hunters will tell you that wearing the right clothing while in the outdoors, especially during winter hunting expeditions, makes for a much more comfortable and enjoyable experience. Yet novices to this pastime often opt for clothing that is far too thick and cumbersome, and not very weather resistant, and that makes life difficult when you need to optimise mobility as well as comfort and body temperature. 

When you see our range of hunting clothing, you’ll also see that there’s no excuse for wearing the wrong gear in this day and age. What we sell is lightweight yet weather-resistant. Warm yet comfortable. It’s designed and manufactured from special materials that are able to handle rugged and unpredictable conditions. And hunting experts will tell you that to get the most out of that gear, you should dress in layers - three of them.

First up, there’s the base layer, which is the one closest to your skin. This layer of clothing should be specially designed to draw moisture away from your body and reduce the chill factor post- exercise chill. The middle layer should consist of clothing such as fleece that will trap a warm layer of air around your body to maintain body heat. The most common example we know of is that this fleece layer in the middle operates much like a wetsuit for a diver. 

Finally, the outer layer needs to be windproof as well as waterproof. Modern hunting jackets and pants are able to give you those qualities so there is no reason why you should wear clothing that doesn’t give you this vital layer of protection. 

Having good hunting clothing, and wearing it in layers, will keep you warm and comfortable. At the same time, it will be lightweight and non-restrictive when climbing and trekking through challenging terrain. We can make it easy for you to wear just the right gear in all the right places through our very popular fleece packs and we’ll always be available to give you advice on choosing the best individual clothing products in our range. When properly attired, you’ll get much more enjoyment out of your hunting - and you’ll stay warm and mobile while you’re doing it. So don’t make the novice mistake of wearing the wrong stuff. We make it easy and affordable to do it the right way.