Upgrade Your Hunting Experience with These Must-Have Gear Items

Whether seasoned or novice, a hunter must have all the essentials to ensure a fun, comfortable, and most importantly, safe hunting experience. While heading outdoors, it’s vital that one owns the top gear in NZ. Depending on the type of hunting trip you’re planning, the items you’d need may vary. However, there are certain hunting essentials that consistently top the must-have list. 

Outdoor activities like camping, trekking, or hunting require people to travel in the wilderness, away from urban amenities. As a result, it becomes necessary to carry all the basic supplies for survival. For example, hunting in NZ requires one to wear appropriate clothing, carry the right tools, and have reliable navigation tools for a relaxing getaway in the woods. 

Weather poses a serious threat to hunters and as a result, they must have rain gear and wear clothes with a base layer to wick perspiration away from the body. Similarly, a sharp tool is another requisite that shouldn’t go off the hunting gear list. Ultralight and extremely sharp, these define the perfect modern hunting tool. Likewise, there are multiple other items that are a must-have for your next outdoor trip for hunting and fishing in New Zealand. 

If you’re new to hunting, you’ll probably find yourself bombarded with the diverse options at the hunting store. While different hunts require a set of different gear, the following listed are the top must-have gear items for a better hunting experience. 

Versatile Backpack 

A backpack is one gear item that will stay with you throughout your trip. Hence, your backpack must be durable, ultralight, and comfortable to carry. Before purchasing, make sure that the bag has sufficient space to accommodate all your belongings with ease of access. A backpack that lacks any of these qualities will lead to back pain and discomfort. 

Visual Aids 

When it comes to visual aids, there’s no room for compromise. These visual aids typically fall under the game gear in New Zealand and assist in an accurate kill while withstanding any use or abuse. The most popular optics for hunting include binoculars and spotting scopes that help hunters get clear visuals of their target at distances even under low-light conditions. 

Navigation Aids 

Whether you are tech-savvy or old-school, it’s important to have the right navigation aids to know where you are going, your present location, and the probable terrains you may encounter on the way. While maps and compasses have been a traditional navigation aid for years, they are now getting replaced by GPS. Using GPS technology can be a lifesaver and make hunting in NZ a memorable experience for you. 

Emergency Supplies 

Whether going for a single-day trek in the backcountry or planning a multi-day stay in the wilderness, one shouldn’t leave the house without emergency supplies. Although these are small and basic items, they can mean the difference between a comfortable and terrifying outdoor experience. Typically, these emergency supplies include clean water, fresh food, a first aid kit, a flashlight, etc. 

Boots & Clothing 

Layers, layer, layers. Whatever clothing you wear, it’s important that they have a layering system that allows the sweat to wick to stay dry and comfortable. Similarly, buying good-quality boots is important as they protect your feet in harsh terrain conditions, keeping you comfortable. The hunting boots are available in both insulated and non-insulated categories that you choose from. 

Final Note 

Research is imperative before setting out on any adventure as your packing and preparations will highly affect the trip experience. Your hunting gear should have all the items that are adequate for the season, weather, and terrain you plan to hunt in. To shop for top gear in NZ, you can check out the exclusive collection on Dwights that assures both quality & affordable pricing. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

What gear do hunters need? 

Typically, ideal hunting gear must include appropriate clothing & boots, a visual aid such as binocular or spotting scope, a sharp hunting tool, a compass or GPS for navigation, and a lightweight backpack. These hunting essentials are absolute basics and one shouldn’t step out of their house without them. A few other items that hunters mostly need during their trip are first-aid kits, flashlights, sleeping bags, etc.

What is the most important piece of hunting gear? 

Besides basic survival supplies like clean water, food, and clothing, a sharp knife or weapon is the most important piece of gear while hunting and fishing in NZ. Heading out for hunting without appropriate tools and weapon is pointless. Your hunting gear must include a sharp and lightweight weapon that makes hunting easier and more convenient for the hunters.

What do you need for hunting in New Zealand? 

For hunting in NZ, one requires a permit issued by the private landowner or the Department of Conservation. Since New Zealand is popular for hunting-based tourism, it’s a great place to go for hunting adventures as the terrain conditions are diverse that can accommodate the limitations of all hunters. So, if you’re planning for hunting in New Zealand, all you’d need is the perfect gear and a permit.

What gear is best for pheasant hunting? 

Apart from the must-have hunting essentials, pheasant hunting gear must include an ideal shotgun & choke, upland brush pants for protection, gloves, and properly fitted boots that assure comfort & safety. In addition to these, many also prefer to take dogs for pheasant hunting as these canine companions can find the wily roosters easily.