Things to Consider While Getting a New Gazebo NZ

In New Zealand, adventures like camping, hiking, cross-country journeys, etc. hold a special place in the hearts of everyone who resides here or happens to visit this wonderful country.

While a large number of nitty-gritty are involved with such outdoor activities, having the right gear is arguably one of the most important aspects of camping. Commodities like a Gazebo in NZ can be sourced from a wide range of sources, however we suggest that you do it from a reputed seller that has been in the business for quite some period of time. In come Dwights – NZ Family owned & operated since 1979.

Here, we will be taking a look at some of the factors that you must watch out for while you select the perfect Gazebo in NZ for your family holidays or sports events. So, let’s start.

What is a Gazebo?

You may be confused regarding the factors that separate gazebos from tents. Well, a gazebo is a form of shelter that is open on all sides, with a top covering protecting you from the elements. While tents can be used for overnight stays and can be resided in temporarily, they can be used during parties and gatherings and as a place to seek shade and protection from sunlight or rain. Now, several forms of gazebos are available on the market, and there are several factors that one must watch out for while selecting one that would be right for them.

Here, we will be taking a look at some of these, and thereby help you decide which one you should pick up for your next wild adventure.


We always prefer to pick something that offers a wide range of customization options, so why should we avail of something that doesn’t offer a certain degree of customization to us? When it comes to gazebos, we must pick something that is highly adjustable, and that would offer us a wide range of application options. A gazebo, like a Coleman Deluxe fast pitch 14 offers height adjustability, and this is especially important during camping trips as you wouldn’t be sure of the space that would be available at various locations. Certain gazebos offer adjustability when it comes to assembling them, which we must keep an eye out for.

Ease of assembly.

When you’re on a camping trip, chances are that you would be quite exhausted when you finally complete a day’s hike, and a gazebo that is easy to set up would certainly prove to be a boon. Always select the ones that can easily be assembled and erected, while the pack-up procedures would be pretty easy as well. This would help you save precious time and energy, and your team would appreciate that. Dwights recommends the Coleman Fast Pitch 14 as the easiest shelter to erect.

Go for a free-standing one.

Several forms of gazebos and tents are available on the market, and you should select a gazebo in NZ that can stand freely, and the struts don’t need to be tensioned from the perimeter. This wouldn’t just reduce the overall assembly times, but make the gazebos in NZ sturdy and robust.

The canopies.

When it comes to selecting the right gazebo, you should definitely consider taking a good look at the canopy, as they are the most important component of any gazebo in NZ. Several coatings are used on these canopies, and something like a block-out coating can be used to defend the people under the canopy from harsh sunlight or rain. This reduces the level of heat inside the gazebo as well, and you would be able to enjoy a comfortable camping experience. Additionally, shelters should be UV Rated, which will ensure you don’t get sunburnt through the canopy, as well as reducing overall heat levels when relaxing underneath it.

The strength of the canopy.

Gazebos are designed to be used in the wilderness, and thereby, they must be constructed from some of the best materials out there. While there are several gazebos out there that can be picked up on the cheap, you should always get one that features the strongest construction, so that they can battle elements to a certain extent, while not getting blown over as well. To ensure the strength and potency of the canopies and the frames, always get them from a seller that tests their gazebos in NZ to the maximum. By subjecting the gazebos to a torture test, you can be assured that you get only the best there is.

Weight and dimensions.

Although we have placed this as the last topic on the list, it can safely be said that this is one of the most important factors out there. While on a camping or hiking trip, you’d have to carry a lot of weight around, and by going for a gazebo in NZ that is lightweight, you’d be improving your travelling efficiency.

Final take:

Gazebo in NZ is an inseparable part of adventures, and Dwights Outdoors stocks the widest variety of gazebos there are. These can be used for a wide range of applications, and they are extensively tested as well. If you are looking for gazebos for your next adventure, you should definitely check Dwights Outdoors.

Frequently Answer Questions:

1. Can a gazebo be used for camping?

Yes, gazebos are well-optimized for camping, and they can be effectively used as temporary shelters. Although tents are still the preferred choice if you are looking for a place for temporary residence, Gazebos can act as a good resting place, while defending against heat and rain.

2. Can camping gazebos be used during strong winds?

Although camping gazebos are designed to be robust and weather-proof, it is advisable that you take them down during periods of strong winds, gales, storms, etc. This would save the gazebo from permanent damage or loss while ensuring that no one gets injured as well. Unfortunately, whilst our gazebo’s are designed to withstand most NZ weather conditions, there will still be periods of high wind where you will need to deconstruct your gazebo in order to prevent damage. Wind damage is not covered under warranty.

3. How long does it take to erect a gazebo?

Well, this varies widely from model to model, but by opting for something that doesn’t need to be additionally fastened or tensioned, you can expect to set one up in around 10-30 minutes. If speed is your priority, it is advisable that you select one with quick assembly characteristics like the Coleman Fast Pitch range.

4. How much does a gazebo weigh?

When it comes to gazebos, they can come in a wide range of shapes and sizes. Averagely, a set can weigh around 20-30 kilograms, but that varies on the model that you purchase. If your trip involves long walks, it is advisable that you get a lightweight model.