Guide to Choosing an Adventure Tent

If you are planning to fuel your adventurous self and challenge yourself by camping in the wild, you would surely need a tent. Whether you are a veteran camper or your newly found enthusiasm, investing in a tent will be one of the first moves.

Whether you are travelling from site to site or walking some significant kilometres into the backcountry, a good night’s sleep is what determines the fate of your adventurous outing. Sorting out a shelter for the night can be a big task.

However, with the adventure tent in NZ, this is no longer a severe issue. The adventure tents are compact and lightweight yet strong and secure enough to protect you against the odds. Although tents are a good option to check out for night shelter outdoors, the question arises of how to opt for the best tent.

Camping and other outdoor activities are becoming popular among people and considering this the market is also crowded with varieties of camping and hiking products. So, choosing something from the massive collection is no doubt a difficult task. 

But not to worry, we are here to help you with the basics and help you choose the right tent for your adventurous self. To make the process simple we have narrowed down some of the key features that you need to consider before investing in a tent.

Keep the weight in Check:

“You can tell how a horse will pull only when it is hooked to a heavy load.”

A horse is a different story and here we are speaking of ourselves and that too while being on a trail. In scenarios when you are travelling too many kilometres the weight becomes a deciding factor for buying a tent. Opting for lightweight tents can help you minimize your overall load, plus these tents are extremely spacious for their weight.

However, with everything that is said, the durability of a tent is ultimately tested when it is exposed to the odds of season. Check out these specs for tent weight:

  • The packed weight will tell you how heavy the tent makes your pack.
  • The packaged weight compromises the weight of all the components.


Consider the Seasons:

“A struggling day whilst camping is anytime better than a smooth working day.”

Those who love wandering into the wild and camping in unusual terrains will tell you what fun it is to be able to experience the freedom of sleeping under the sky. However, considering the ups and downs of the seasons and the unpredictability, opting for tents that are built to withstand the extremes of weather is essential.

While looking for tents that can stand up to the backcountry and the fluctuating weather conditions, you will come across tents known as 3-season or 4-season tents. Now, these are guidelines for what kind of conditions your tent is designed for.

The 3 season versatile tents are strong enough to withstand rainstorms and provide comfort in mild-moderate weather conditions. However, these tents are not an ideal choice for snow or above the bushline, where exposure to wind is higher or the likelihood of snow falling on the top of the pole structure.

Similarly, the 4 season winter tents are made of double-layered and waterproof material that is sturdy to withstand moderate snowfall and higher winds. These tents are made with lesser ventilation and mesh panelling and so are not an ideal choice for summer, but are optimal for above the bushline or when going into alpine conditions where snow is likely.

So, this sums up the fact that you need to decide on a tent depending on your camping plans and considering the seasons you will be travelling in.


What’s the Capacity:

“Create your home by pitching your tent.”

When going tent shopping, make the calculations right for how many people are gonna be part of the camping. Or how much space will be required for the gears. The capacity of the tent is an important factor to look out for.

Adventure tents are usually designed to be compact and minimalist, so consider the storage and the number of people accompanying you before investing in a tent. You will get enough variety in terms of capacity.

The camping stores have a collection of tents that have different capacities like 1-person, 2-person, 4-person, and 6-person tents. You also get the liberty to attack extra spaces with your tent and pitch up greater space to enjoy with family and friends while being outdoors.

So whether you are looking for solitude in the serenity of nature or are planning to build on relationships and spend quality time, these tents got you covered.


Check out the Liveability:

“When money cannot buy you happiness; it can buy you a tent. And likewise, you get happiness.”

Even though you are living in a camp under the stars and having the best time of your life, you cannot rule out the comfort factor from the experience. So, you must be well aware of the key dimensions of a tent and other construction factors like the floor area, shape of the wall, and height of the tent.

In addition, considering the colour, ventilation, vestibules, doors etc. will help in opting for a comfortable tent.

Answering your obvious questions:

An adventure tent plays a key role in the overall camping experience. In case you are wondering where to look for an adventure tent in NZ, Dwights Outdoors is the perfect place to be. They have a wide range of tents and other camping and hiking gear to shop from. Find answers to the most frequently asked questions on tents.

What do you mean by an adventure tent?

They are compact, lightweight, and sturdy solution for shelter in the outdoors. They can be pitched anywhere for the best camping experience.

Why is adventure camping fun?

An adventure camping experience allows campers to spend time outdoors and challenging themselves with the odds of nature.

Which can be considered the best shape for a tent?

The dome shaped tents are a classic design for tents and are the best option for beginners. These tents use a crossover node to endure the stability of the tent and comes with a single high point in the center to maximise the user head space.