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Victorinox Swiss Army Knives

Swiss Army Knife: A Collector's Edition

One may wonder what's the use of a Swiss army knife when a simple knife can do the trick. Well, it's not just about cutting fruits and vegetables. These knives are not meant for mere utility but things to cherish. It is a collector's pride. The limited supply of these knives makes them highly desired objects and we at Dwights fully appreciate the collector sentiment. If you are a connoisseur of Swiss knives then there's no better place than Dwights.

Ask any seasoned hunter or camper and he'll tell you about the importance of a Swiss army knife in New Zealand. Its incredible design and multifunctional use can't be matched by any other knife. From opening a can of beer to cutting ropes and keeping your keys intact to opening nuts and bolts, there's really nothing like this knife. You can take your pick from a wide range of Victorinox Swiss knives.

The Beautiful Victorinox Knives

A Victorinox knife is one of the most attractive multi-purpose knives out there. This is a magnificent pocket knife that single-handedly serves a lot of functions that would usually need separate tools to operate. There are many variations in the Victorinox brand as per the needs of the user. The Signature, Camper, and Handyman are some of the most popular multi-purpose knives in the Victorinox domain. Whatever you need, be it a blade, scissor, key ring, screwdriver, tweezer, and even toothpick and ballpoint pen for that matter, you would get in these beauties. The features on Victorinox Camper and Victorinox Handyman go above and beyond to make your camping experience a memorable one. The latter has a larger and smaller blade along with a corkscrew, pliers with wire cutters, multi-purpose hooks, a chisel, and a wood saw. These functionalities are enough to sail you through the toughest of conditions.

At Dwight's, we are committed to providing our customers with the highest quality Swiss Army Knives at competitive prices. Visit our website at to browse our extensive collection and find the perfect Swiss Army Knife to accompany you on your next adventure.


A Swiss army knife is a multi-purpose tool that has a lot of tool combinations such as blades of different sizes, scissors, tweezers, can openers, screwdrivers, wire cutters, hooks, key rings, and so on. All these parts are integrated into a single place to provide the best user experience especially outdoors. It is manufactured by the company Victorinox.
It is illegal to carry a Victorinox knife in the hand luggage of any commercial flight. It would be confiscated and sold in an auction later on if you have it in your hand luggage. Therefore, it is best to send it through the checked-in luggage or if it's not allowed on flights at all, then sending it through a parcel before you reach your destination is a good idea. You can carry it on road trips though as there are no such restrictions there.
You would face a lot of situations outdoors - on camping, hiking, and hunting sites - where you would need a tool for a specific purpose like cutting a wire fence, keeping your keys safe in a key ring, patching up torn camping gear, or simply opening a beer can. Having separate tools for different functions can unnecessarily burden your backpack and thus such a multi-purpose pocket knife comes in handy.
The wide range of functions that can be performed using this knife makes it an army outdoors. You could carry out repairs in the tent, cut ropes and wires during hunting or hiking expeditions, do basic chores like cutting fruits, vegetables, and meat, and open food and beverage cans using this knife. It is thus a phenomenal tool to possess outdoors.