Softshell Jackets

Factors To Look for While Choosing Softshell Jackets 

Modern jackets are specifically designed to cater to specialized needs and requirements, and the same can be said for a softshell jacket in New Zealand. Dwights stocks a wide range of softshell jackets that can fulfil a wide range of roles, and as trekkers or hikers, the onus is on you to get your hands on one that would suit your needs and requirements in the best possible manner. 

Here, we will be taking a look at some of the primary factors that you must keep in mind while shortlisting the best women’s or men’s softshell jacket. So, let’s get started. 

The Fabric Being Used in Softshell Jackets 

These jackets are specially designed to perform optimally in outdoor settings, and thus, the material that they are built out of plays a major role in determining the overall user experience. Modern fabrics and materials like Matrix can play a major role in making the overall user experience that much better. As a rule of thumb, you might consider going for something that features waterproofing while being lightweight as well. 

The Quality of The Zippers of The Softshell Jackets 

When it comes to picking up the perfect jacket in New Zealand, you must consider going for something that features top-notch materials like YKK zippers. These would ensure reliability and protection against the elements on a never-before-seen level. At Dwights, we ensure that each and every jacket comes with these zippers, thereby making them sturdy and robust unlike ever before. 

The Fit of The Jackets 

While you embark on an epic adventure, you would want to softshell jacket to fit you in a comfortable and snug manner, and while surfing through the various jackets on our website, you would be able to find a wide selection of fits. 

Before you commit to any particular jacket there is, it would be a good idea to verify whether you would be comfortable with the shapes on offer, and this is a factor that can act as the difference between women’s and mens softshell jacket. 

Why Choose us? 

When it comes to softshell jackets for hiking or trekking, getting one that can assist you effectively is essential. Dwights possesses one of the largest portfolios of any outdoor and lifestyle store there is, and by availing of our top-notch products and services, you can make your adventures that much more enthralling.


When it comes to picking up a jacket for your adventurous escapades, you must consider the fitting that the jacket brings to the table, and that proves to be the differentiating factor when it comes to dividing between women’s and mens softshell jacket. You must explore the various options and fits that are available to you before picking one up.
Vintage jackets were constructed out of a wide range of skins and insulating materials, but this has changed massively with the introduction of softshell jackets. Nowadays, materials like Matrix and Pertex are ruling the system, and the best part about them is the fact that they are extremely lightweight while being water-resistant as well.
You see, jackets have turned out to be quite specialized in their applicability, and to that end, regular jackets just don’t fit the bill anymore. If you are hiking or trekking in the vast wilderness of New Zealand, you need to be accompanied by specialized tools and gear and softshell jackets are perfect in that respect.
When it comes to getting a specific softshell jacket in New Zealand, you must know that they can be tuned and adjusted to cater to a wide variety of applications, and this versatility is something that makes these jackets extremely sought-after in the country. The options that they bring to the table are really vast, thereby ensuring that there’s something for everyone.