Prohibit The Sneaking in of Pebbles and Dirt In Your Shoes With Gaiters 

Gaiters are essential and useful products that cover your footwear to prohibit the sneaking in of pebbles, dirt, snow, and water. It is an effective solution for protecting the vulnerable tops of footwear from the outdoor elements. Dwights Outdoor brings campers across New Zealand some of the best quality gaiters for sale that is waterproof and offers reliable protection against mountain hazards. 

The basic purpose of gaiters in nz is to keep stuff away from the boot so that you do not face any inconvenience. There are different types of gaiters available for different types of activities. 

Types of Gaiters for Sale 

The Hiking gaiters are typically lightweight and breathable and protect against rocks, light rain, and grit. They are versatile enough to be used for a short day trip to multi-day backpacking. The gaiters for mountaineering are heavy-duty and made from breathable fabrics that offer protection against ice and snow.  The mountaineering gaiters can also be used for backcountry skiing, snowshoeing, ice climbing, etc. 

The most lightweight and compact gaiters are the ones used for trail running. They help in keeping away the debris from the shoe when you are trail walking or running. Usually, thru-hikers or ultralight hikers use this kind of gaiter for their activities. 

Another major feature of a gaiter is its height, they are primarily available in three different heights, over-the-ankle, mid-calf, and knee. The right sizing of the gaiter is important as your comfort and functionality depend on it. 

The best way to choose the right size of the gaiter is to find the one that gives the best possible seal and fits snugly. Choose from our wide range of gaiters for sale and add a layer of comfort to your outdoor activities.


Gaiters are covers that prevent debris, ice, water, etc. from getting inside the shoes to keep you comfortable throughout the trail. They are an effective and reliable solution that offers protection against outdoor elements. Most hikers and trail walkers prefer wearing them during their journey.
Ideally, gaiters in nz should snug around the footwear and also the ankle comfortably. However, the fit of the gaiter should be snug but should not be so tight that it restricts the movement. The perfect high mountaineering gaiter should be something that closes easily over the pant, boots, and socks to offer insulation and comfort.
The hiking gaiters usually run from the button to the mid-calf and remain snug to the body. They are made from sturdy, weather-resistant material and are designed to protect the foot from snow and other outdoor elements. They are fabricated to offer protection from deep snow, wet underbrush, and debris that could cause inconvenience while hiking, mountaineering, and cross-country skiing.
The demand for gaiters for sale accelerates during the winter as most hikers prefer wearing them for their winter activities. Gaiters help you to traverse the winter routes without worrying about your feet getting wet or the boots filled with snow. The gaiters also prevent the pants from getting wet or damaged when travelling through the thick bush or wet areas. They are the perfect alternative to snow pants during sunny winter days.