Roughing it in the Great Outdoors: The Benefits of Powerbanks & Solar

Outdoor activities like camping, hiking, or backpacking are great learning experiences for individuals. It takes courage and a daring attitude to step out of the comfort of the house and take up the challenge of surviving in the extremes of nature in the great outdoors. Although it might sound exciting and romantic to engage in star-gazing, the effort needed to achieve that is no doubt extraordinary.

If you are new to the camping genre and still trying to make things work for your first-ever camping endeavour, you must not dare to miss out on the essentials. Although, you must have already run the errands for a camping experience and sorted out the shelter, food, and other camping accessories. But apart from these obvious requirements, there are also some other essentials, missing out on which could spoil the overall experience. One such essential thing is a power backup. You should not by any chance miss out on the Power banks during outdoor activities.

In this post, we will try to know about the benefits of using outdoor solar power banks during a camping activity.

Benefits of Solar Power bank in Camping:

Imagine you are on long camping and backpacking trip and having to deal with a chargeless phone. Although we plan out outdoor activities as a means of unplugging from the stress of daily life but living in the 21st century and surviving days without an electronic device is almost impossible. There must be many important things that would demand our immediate attention but without a device, it won’t be possible.  In short, it is really too difficult to function without a device.

Having a solar power backup is the perfect solution for such situations where you do not have the access to conventional electricity. Having solar-powered charging banks will make things easier and you can conveniently charge your device even being at the great outdoors. Now, let's check out the few benefits of these solar charging devices and how they are the most convenient option to travel with a camping activity.

Portable: Most of the solar power banks available in the market are in a travel-friendly size. So, they can be easily carried and transported anywhere you want. Since they are not bulky they can easily be placed in a bag and can be used in any situation or place. Most of the available power bank devices are as slim as mobile phones and so do not take up any extra space and are convenient to carry.

Eco-friendly: One of the selling factors of outdoor solar power banks is that they are an eco-friendly option. Solar power banks utilise the sun's rays to produce electricity and store them so that you can use them to recharge your electronic devices. The use of solar power banks helps in greenifying your power consumption and helps to decrease the carbon footprint.

Compatibility: Another very impressive benefit of solar power banks is that they are compatible with almost all types of devices. Most solar power banks are equipped with a USB port that can be connected to any device in a hassle-free manner.

Unlimited Power Supply: With the portability feature of solar power banks it can be used anytime and anywhere without any inconvenience. Moreover, since they can be charged from solar power there is no issue of shortage in the power supply. Sunlight is everywhere and so you can charge your power bank without any inconvenience.

Well, these are the benefits of using solar power banks outdoors. But apart from the benefits, there must be many other concerns regarding the use and functionality of solar charging banks. Let’s check out those most common queries.

Popular Inquiries regarding outdoor solar power banks :

What is the intention of solar power banks?

Solar power banks are eco-friendly and portable charging stations that collect energy from the sun and convert it into electricity. This stored electricity can be used to charge different electronic devices with the help of a USB cable. It’s important you check the gadgets you’re wishing to power before purchasing your solar bank.

Is a solar charger different from a solar power bank?

The outdoor solar power banks are equipped with a chargeable battery to store the electricity produced from solar energy. This stored energy can be used to charge different devices like mobile phones, cameras, etc. However, solar chargers are equipped with storage facilities which help in charging your devices directly from the sunlight. The solar chargers need to be exposed to sunlight when they are charging the devices.

How much time will a solar power bank take to charge?

Each solar power bank will take varying amounts of time to charge. This will usually be advertised on our product page. Every power bank will be different capacity, and have different strength solar panels.

Final Thought

By now you must be well aware of the benefits and the functionality of carrying outdoor solar power banks for camping endeavours. If you are looking for quality and functional solar power banks you can check out Dwights Outdoor for their exclusive collection of camping gear and equipment. They have an impressive range of power backup solutions for outdoor activities.