How To Properly Store Your Sleeping Bag in Your Backpack

The way you pack and store your sleeping bag determines whether it remains a long-time friend or a flat fluff-less mess. Sleeping bags can last for years if it’s handled properly. For campers who love backpacking, sleeping bags are one of the most comfort-giving items they carry along. So, it becomes essential that the backpack contains the essential gear whilst leaving enough room to fit in a sleep sack in New Zealand. 

When packed efficiently, a backpack can store a whole lot of stuff including sleeping bags, tents, clothing, food, water, and other necessities. Of all, sleeping bags are one of the bulkiest items that you’ll carry, making it important for you to know how to store them properly in your sleeping bag. A simple way to carry your sleeping bag while backpacking in the wilderness is by tying the sleeping bag to the backpack’s bag strap or pack loops. However, not all backpacks feature these accessories

So, here, we have discussed some of the practical ways to properly store your sleeping bag in your backpack while heading out.

Pack it inside 

One of the best ways to store your sleeping bag is by putting it inside the backpack. It not only protects your sleeping bag from weather elements but also keeps the weight closer to your body, making it lightweight and easier to carry on the trails. While some bags have an existing sleeping bag compartment inside, one can also roll their sleeping bags right to the bottom and have sufficient space left for other gear items. 

Place it on the lid 

Despite various loops and straps in your backpack meant for attaching the gear items, the most convenient place to store the sleeping bags in NZ is on the lid of the bag which often comes with a flap at the top. So, once your entire packing is done and zipped, open the top flap, place your sleeping bag on the top, and fasten the flap over it. This way you can keep your sleeping bag secure while keeping the weight up high and centered. 

Make use of the compression straps 

Most modern backpacks come with compression straps that help tighten and compress the gear items to reduce the storage volume. If your backpack has compression straps, you can easily loosen the buckles, put the sleeping bag in, and adjust them to secure your bag in place. However, it’s important to note that the compression straps are placed at the top or bottom of the bag to minimize discomfort while walking. 

Use bungee cords 

In case your backpack doesn’t have any cords or compression straps or you’re carrying a double sleeping bag in New Zealand, using bungee cords can be a good option. All one has to do is take a bungee cord and attach one end to the loop of your sleeping bag and wind it around the backpack several times before hooking the other end of the cord to the bag. Doing so will ensure that your sleeping bag is placed intact and safely. 

Should the sleeping bag be tied to the top or bottom? 

Well, there’s no one right way to carry a sleeping bag in your backpack. There are multiple factors that determine how one should pack their gear before setting out on an outdoor adventure. However, ultimately, everything boils down to personal preferences as the comfort factor differs from one person to another. 

Also, the design and construction of modern backpacks play a vital role as the gear loops and compression straps are placed differently in each backpack model. Many travelers prefer to place their sleeping bags in the upper position to avoid strains and lower backpacks. On the other hand, some also store sleeping bags in the bottom to keep the weight closer to their body. 

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Frequently Asked Questions 

How do you store a sleeping bag on a backpack? 

The best way to store a sleeping bag on a backpack is by placing it inside, if possible. However, in case your backpack doesn’t have enough storage space to accommodate your sleeping bag, you can always try other ways such as placing the sleeping bag on the top lid or using the compression straps to fit in the sleeping sack. Another convenient way of storing a sleeping bag on a backpack is by tying it to the bag straps using a bungee cord.

Do you put sleeping bag inside backpack? 

Yes, putting a sleeping bag inside a backpack is one of the best ways to store it and protect it from weather and other snags. Moreover, storing the sleeping bag inside a backpack keeps the weight closer to the carrier’s body, making it easier and more comfortable to carry weights on multi-day backpacking trips.

Why do you put a sleeping bag on the bottom of a backpack? 

Since the sleeping bag is one of the last items you’ll need at the end of the day, it’s convenient to put the sleeping bag on the bottom of a backpack. It’s lightweight and bulky in size which when placed at the bottom gives sufficient space to store other heavier gear items at the centre of your shoulder blades.