How to Buy the Right Tent for Cold-Weather Camping?

New Zealand is known for its vast, pristine landscapes, and to that end, camping and outdoor adventures play a significant role in the overall cultural and social fabric of the country. In fact, tourists from all over the world flock to this amazing country to experience the wilderness for themselves.

Against this backdrop, camping is one of the most popular activities that people love to engage in. While spring and autumn remain some of the most popular camping seasons, winters are quite popular as well. Locations like the Southern Alps, Aoraki area, etc. are some of the most popular winter camping locations. Having the right set of camping gear is extremely important to enjoy the winter expeditions to the fullest, and to that end, having the best winter tents are essential.

But for the uninitiated, selecting the best cold weather tents for winter camping can be a task, and there are quite a few factors that one must watch out for when it comes to selecting the best tent for winter camping.

Here, we will be taking a look at some of those factors, and try you help you zero in on the exact types of tents that you would love to have with you on your next winter escapade.

The characteristics.

Now, there is something that we must address beforehand, and that is the factor of suitability. When it comes to the best winter camping gear, the location plays a significant role, and so do the level of experience and size of the expedition team. For uniformity’s sake, we would be considering average winter temperatures of 10-15 degrees centigrade, and a team that’s comprised of mostly beginners with minimal levels of experience. With that out of the way, let’s hunt for the best winter tents.

  • When it comes to selecting the best cold weather tents in New Zealand, you should pick one that features 4-season capabilities. These tents feature fabrics that are meant to defend against cold winds, rain, and snow while being airtight as well. These tents cannot be used in temperatures above 15-16 degrees centigrade, and the experience in such cases can be compared to those present inside a sauna.
  • Depending on the size of the group that you would be travelling in, it is preferable that you pick up a tent that isn’t too large, as that would result in the loss of heat.
  • When it comes to winter tents, you must keep in mind that you should pick one that has considerable heft to it. The best winter camping tents are those that are on the heavier side, as that would help with stability, as winds tend to cause quite the havoc during winters.
  • When it comes to selecting the best cold weather tents, pick one that features a vestibule. These act as buffer zones and help conserve the heat while protecting the occupants from the chill.
  • Nowadays, camping technology has come a long way since its inception, and there are a guide variety of tents that are available on the market. While single-walled tents may be better when it comes to logistics, double-roofed tents, although heavier, are better suited to cold weather applications. So if you are looking for the best tents for cold weather camping, consider picking up a double-roofed version, if logistics aren’t an issue.

The aforementioned are some of the factors that you must watch out for if you are planning to embark on a winter camping expedition. Several models and types are available on the market, with USPs that makes them special in their own ways.

Final take:

When it comes to camping in the winter, New Zealand is the place to be in. The weather conditions are not terrifying, and the views are simply breathtaking as well. When it comes to picking up the best winter tents, you should consider Dwights Outdoors. They are a true juggernaut when it comes to tents and other camping supplies, and you would be able to find exactly what you need for that next big trip.


  • Which is the best cold weather tent?

While the exact model would greatly depend on the actual environment in which the tent would be used, it is advisable that you pick one that has 4 season capabilities, has a vestibule, and preferably comes with a double roof. These are some of the factors that would go a long way in making your winter camps that much better.

  • What should I look for in a winter camping tent?

Camping in New Zealand brings a dynamic of its own to the table. When looking for the best tent for winter camping, a four-season tent is certainly the one you should go for. While there are a few other factors that you must watch for as well, having a 4 season model would help you immensely.

  • Is a 4 season tent essential for winter camping?

Yes. While there are several tents that are available on the market, a four-season tent is the best option that you can avail of in New Zealand. When compared to three-season tents, these feature an extra layer of protection, thereby making them highly resistant to the cold weather prevailing outside.