Expert Advice on Choosing the Best Tent for Your Next Camping Trip

Camping is a favourite pastime for many as it allows one to ditch the hustle-bustle of urban life and enjoy a relaxing getaway. Staying outdoors is always exhilarating as you get to experience the beauty and thrills of nature at its best. However, it’s important that one has the perfect camping gear to survive and live comfortably in the wilderness. 

Of the many camping essentials, a tent is the most vital one. Regardless of the location or number of days you stay outdoors, a shelter is imperative for taking rest and keeping your belongings safe. However, while shopping for tents in NZ, the options are endless, making it difficult to purchase the ideal one that fits your budget as well as your requirement.

Too much choice equals confusion. But, not in this case. Here, we’ve compiled a list of expert tips on how to choose the perfect tent for your next camping adventure. No matter whether you are a seasonal camper or someone planning their very first camping trip, this guide will find you right.

Buy the perfect camping tent - your home away from home while keeping the following expert advice in mind.

Always go for Tents with Extra Space

In the case of tents, size does matter. Never fall for the concept that a two-person tent accommodates two. In reality, the specifications of a two-person tent mean that two people can stay inside the tent, with no extra space for baggage. Hence, it’s always better to have a four or six-person tent while traveling with two or three campers.

It’s good to have extra space in the shelter as it allows one to stay comfortably while storing all their belongings safely. Also, adult campers may require extra leg space that is easily available in large tents that have sufficient room for bedding and storage. Moreover, extra space in the tent is a godsend on bad weather days.

Review the Conditions of Use

Weather conditions in the camping location play a crucial role in determining the perfect tent for your trip. There are varied types of tents available in the market, each ideally suited for distinct weather conditions. For instance, summer tents made of lightweight materials that offer excellent breath ability and ventilation are best for camping in fair-weather locations.

On the other hand, a 3-season tent is designed for withstanding heavy rain and wind while keeping the campers comfortable inside. Also, there are winter tents available in the market that are engineered to withstand fierce snow and harsh conditions. So, always review the weather condition of your camping location before getting a suitable tent.

Take Note of Additional Features

Besides the durability and quality of the tent’s material, there are additional features that many campers often tend to overlook. While you must be warned about factors like weight, breathability, and ease of use of camping tents, some other aspects like the number of doors, windows, storage pockets, etc. should be considered as well.

Tents with a minimum of two doors minimize the risks of clambering over each other. Similarly, an adequate number of windows is important for ventilation and keeping the interiors comfortable. Camping tents with sufficient awning space assure added protection from elements and the extra storage pockets help avoid cluttered spaces.

Go for it!

Don’t let so many options overwhelm you. Shopping for tents in NZ should be as fun as your camping trip. Having a comfortable shelter is the key to enjoying a fun and pleasant outdoor adventure. While the choice is all yours, these expert tips will help you in picking the perfect camping tent.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best way to pick a tent for camping?

To pick the ideal tent for camping, consider factors like the material, weight, and portability of the tent. Apart from these basics, one should always consider the number of people who will be using the tent and ensure that the tent accommodates more than it. Also, taking note of additional features of the tent like extra storage, doors, and windows assures that you make a worthy purchase.

What is the most reliable tent?

Choosing the most reliable tent will depend on the weather conditions of the location where you are planning to camp in. For instance, summer lightweight tents are the best option in a fair-weather camping location. On the other hand, for cold-weather camping trips, heavy-duty tents are best. However, in most cases, a 3 season tent is the most reliable tent that protects against heavy rain and wind.

Which brand of camping tent is the best?

Some of the best brands of camping tents include Dwights, Coleman, MSR, Nemo, Explore, etc. At Dwights, you can find the top tent models of all these brands available at the best prices.

What should one look for in a tent site?

Choosing a suitable tent site is essential as it determines safety and convenience for the campers. Factors like cleanliness, water supply, flat land, greenery, etc. should be considered while finalizing a tent site.