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Cailtlin Fielder's Inspiration Addition

"I grew up in New Zealand and studied environmental sciences. It's extremely hard to ignore the climate issues facing the world right now; so creating a design with BUFF based on native New Zealand flora was an obvious choice for me. The design features the spiky flowers of the pohutukawa tree, whose bright red flowers bloom in December, giving it the title of New Zealand’s Christmas tree. It’s surrounded by the yellow flowers of the kowhai tree and the delicate white Manuka blooms that feed the bees that are the source of Manuka honey, famed for its healing properties. The curling fronds of the Ponga fern are also intertwined, as well as delicate line drawings, all inspired by Maori Koru patterns that represent the waves in the ocean and the flow of energy.

1- tubular of Caitlin's special addition- Original Eco Stretch


Gift Pack- 2 tubulars in the Pack- available in 3 options

All tubulars are Made from 2 recycled bottles with new unique 4 way stretch, Sun protection UPF 50+, With even better moisture management, this multifunctional product is designed for all-year-round use. Ideal protection against the cold during high intensity outdoor activities such as trail running, trekking, bouldering, hiking, horse riding cycling or riding a motorbike.

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