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Swimdry introduces the revolutionary range of Outdoor Microfiber towels that is the future of the toweling industry. 

The towel is compact, super absorbent and fast-drying for a perfect fuss-free experience. Its unique design enables it to soak up to 5 times its weight in liquid but still dry 10 times faster.

Its anti-bacterial treatment prevents the build up of odour-causing bacteria and mildew. 

This keeps it fresh and sterile. While traditional towels lose their threads, become worn out and begin grazing your skin when you're drying off, Swimdry microfiber towels have an ultra durability factor that keeps it permanently feather soft. 

This versatile towel alternative can be used as a sun-shade, blanket, baby sling, bath towel and travel set. 

Size: 130 x 80 cm

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