NZ Formula Anti Jet Lag 25ml

NZ Formula Anti Jet Lag 25ml

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Help Your Body Combat the Effect of Long Distance Flying

ANTI JET-LAG can help clear the head and restore your body clock after a long flight. Make the most of your holiday, business or sporting trip by using ANTI JET-LAG regularly throughout your flight. To further aid the recovery process keep ANTI JET-LAG with you to use if you feel tired over the next couple of days. Used alternately with REVIVE, ANTI JET-LAG is excellent for keeping in your brief case for business meetings after you land.

Suitable for Children of all ages.

"Just a quick note to let you know that I think your anti jet lag i the best product around for jetlag. I've used it for about 4, maybe 5 trip now, and find it's very helpful, particularly after I get back home. Sometimes those tired heavy feelings just wash over me, and a few squirts of the anti jetlag and I'm right again".

Jillian Wilson, Christchurch, New Zealand

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