Markhor Katmai 25L Veil Pack
Markhor Katmai 25L Veil Pack

Markhor Katmai 25L Veil Pack

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These Packs from Markhor are some of the best packs for hunting purposes. With silent 100% Polyester green material and a stack of well organized pockets and compartments designed specifically for hunting accessories. If you want a pack specifically for big hunting trips then look no further than this line up from Markor.

The backpack Katmai 25 Green is back again. It is a fantastic performing, very comfortable pack that is effective in removing perspiration. This bag is very versatile, perfect for travelers as it passes by plane in hand luggage. Ideal for hunting by the day especially for small game. Moreover, this backpack is elegant and harmonious with its new color green bronze, its loops and straps beige and black back.

* Core material:
 waterproof fabric, strong and silent bronze green color. 
* Back: preformed with high density foam to wick away perspiration and matching the shape of the back. No aluminum frame ensures good flexibility. 
* Straps: high density foam padded, chest strap. Clips for the tube of water bladder (right or left). 
* Belt: With fast loop. 
* Hydration Pouch: Pre-equipped for a water bladder. 
* Sub: 2 main compartments. 
* Pockets: 2 side pockets with bellows, for the flap, and Indoor 1poche. 
* Zips: YKK zippers reversed New & Classic (the global benchmark for the zips). 
* Access: In front of the bag. 
* Gate-accessories: Carrying handle, clip key ring and mesh pocket, adjustable flap with 2 clips to carry a garment or other passersby to carry 5 wedges under the flap. 
* Compression: 2 compression straps on each side of the flap to adjust the volume of the bag material

* Weight:
 0840 g. 
* Dimensions: 46 x 28 x 13.5 cm. 
* Volume : 25 litres.
* Colour: 

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