LOKSAK All sizes (Phone to Maps)

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Protect your electronics in a LOKSAK bags and maintain full use of every touch screen application. Our clear, pliable, inexpensive, resealable, certified 100% water/air/ dust and humidity proof bags allow all touch screen devices to work 100%. Imagine the endless possibilities of a bag that is certified waterproof to 60 meters!

New double Zipper Design

See all the sizes here:

Galaxy -Inner dimensions: 8.57x15.88cm

Passport-Inner dimensions:10.84x18.1cm

Lanyard-Inner dimensions 9.84cm x19.05cm

ITM 4pax (3.7x7, 4x7, 6x9 ,8x11)-one of each Inner Dimensions: 8.89x16.5cm, 10.2x16.5cm, 14.6x22.23cm, 19.7x26.7cm

Loksak 13x11, singles(no packaging)

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