Ledlenser MT14 Rechargeable Torch

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With an output of 1000 lumens, a beam range of 320 metres and a burn time of up to 192 hours, the performance of the MT14 is unbelievable.

It features Ledlenser's patented Advanced Focus System with a seamless transition from a broad floodlight to long-distance focused beam. Smart Light Technology, offering 4 different light functions and 2 energy modes so you can customise the torch to suit your needs.

Being rechargeable, the MT14 not only saves you money in the long-run, but it is also good for the environment. The built-in USB 3.0 charging system means you can recharge your torch super-quick. As an added bonus a battery status indicator is built into the switch so you can see how much charge the battery has at any point.

Comes with: Rechargeable battery, USB cable, belt sheath, lanyard.

Ledlenser lights are covered by a 5-year standard warranty, which can be extended to 7 years by registering the product.


  • Smart Light Technology (SLT)Offers 4 different light functions (high power, med power, low power, strobe) + 2 energy modes (constant current, energy saving)
  • Advanced Focus SystemProvides seamless transition from broad floodlight to sharply focused long-distance beam
  • RechargeableBetter for the environment
  • One-handed Speed FocusMeans you can focus the light using just one hand if necessary
  • Locking FocusKeeps the focus locked exactly where you want it
  • Front switch with energy status indicatorCharge indicator + battery indicator
  • Temperature Control SystemCools the light down so it never overheats
  • Transport lockPrevents the light from being switched on by accident - great in a pack
  • USB Port 3.0For easy and fast recharging


Brightness (High) 1000 lumens
Brightness (Med) 200 lumens
Brightness (Low) 10 Lumens
Beam Range (High) 320m
Beam Range (Med) 120m
Beam Range (Low) 30m
Burn Time (High) 9 hours
Burn Time (Med) 20 hours
Burn Time (Low) 192 hours
Water resistance IPX4
Weight 253g
Length 151mm
Diameter (head) 39mm
Diameter (body) 32mm
Battery Li-ion Rechargeable 3.7V (included)
SLT Light Functions High Power, Med Power, Low Power, Strobe
SLT Energy Modes Constant Current, Energy Saving
Recharge time 8hrs