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Now comes with an LPG Quick Connect as standard! The HOTTAP OUTING is a complete hot water system for off-grid use, including the legendary HOTTAP as well as the rugged 12V FLOTAP6 pump with all power connections and water inlet hoses.

Class-leading portability
The world's smallest LPG water heater in its class, the HOTTAP weighs only 4.5kg - about as much as two large bottles of milk. Featuring a convenient carry handle and optional mounting brackets, you easily set it up anywhere you set down your gas cylinder.

Superior water flow
HOTTAP gives you a water flow of up to 6L/min, which is to be compared to the maximum of less than 4.5L/min of weaker all-in-one designs.

Superior heating
Care to heat and then reheat water before reaching maximum temperature? Thought not. As opposed to other systems, your HOTTAP will instantly give you a steaming shower at the flick of a switch.

Accepts water from any source
Forget fragile inbuilt pumps; the durable HOTTAP accepts water from any source. When you’ve got water on tap, just plug it in. And when you’re off-grid, use the included FLOTAP6 12V pump to draw water from a creek or lake.

Runs dry without damage
If you're pumping water from a bucket or reservoir, chances are that you'll empty it. But not to worry; the FLOTAP6 pump won't be damaged by running dry.

Self-primes up to 1.8m
The powerful FLOTAP6 pump self-primes with water to a height (head) of up to 1.8m from the source - perfect for drawing water from a creek or lake.

Uses standard D-cell batteries
When you're in the infamous Middle Of Nowhere, you don't want to go shopping for any proprietary XYZ5812-whatever batteries. Your HOTTAP employs standard D-cell batteries that you can pick up just about anywhere.

Uses standard connections
Both HOTTAP and FLOTAP6 are compatible with standard domestic, caravan and camper trailer connections, allowing for use of convenient snap-on fittings.

Uses standard LPG bottles
Why buy expensive disposable LPG bottles with limited use? Just connect your HOTTAP to your main BBQ or camping kitchen LPG bottle, and you can shower till the cows come home, go out and come home again (a standard 9kg gas bottle will provide 15 hours of showers at maximum heat; don't blame us for raisin fingers).

Connects in seconds
Don't have plumbers and electricians crawl under your bonnet to the tune of $$$$. With HOTTAP, you're connected in seconds without any professional help. Connect water in. Connect water out. Connect gas. Done. With colour-coded snap-on fittings, you simply cannot go wrong.

One-touch operation
Whether you use the HOTTAP and FLOTAP6 together or individually, you can turn the entire system on and off using a single switch. You'll have one-touch control of both water flow and heating.

Built for the bush
Our engineers have done away with delicate technology such as fan-forced combustion and inbuilt pumps and batteries. The only moving part in HOTTAP has been tested to 15,000 cycles, or 41 years of daily showers, and the rugged FLOTAP6 features a solid metal shell and corrosion-resistant ABS.

Includes 12V power leads
Using the safe power leads, you easily connect the FLOTAP6 pump directly to the car battery or lighter port.

Noise-absorbing pump mounts
The FLOTAP6 pump features solid rubber mounts that minimise vibrations and noise.

Thermal overload pump protection
FLOTAP6 automatically turns off if at risk of overheating.

Superior reach
The HOTTAP comes with a 5-metre UV-resistant shower hose, so that you can shower at a convenient distance from your vehicle or walk around in your barn without tipping the unit onto the hooves of a 550-kg stallion.

Backlit LCD monitor
Check the temperature and battery status on your HOTTAP's easy-to-read backlit LCD monitor.

Battery power for months
The inbuilt batteries in all-in-one units might last for maybe an hour before you have to recharge them, and they often require conditioning not to fail during the off-season. By contrast, the standard D-cells in your HOTTAP offer about 6 months run time, and you never have to worry about conditioning them.

Safe for family and pets
The internal micro-processor of your HOTTAP prevents the water temperature from going above +50°C, protecting family and pets (including 550-kg stallions) from scalds, and gas flow is automatically cut off on flame failure.

UV-resistant shower hose
Following extensive testing, HOTTAP now comes with a UV-resistant shower hose in a pretty light red/pink/reader-suggestions-welcome colour.

Total-control showerhead
With the HOTTAP, you have all controls at your fingertips; apart from the on/off switch, the showerhead features three spray patterns: wide, narrow and jet.


Height: 430mm
Width: 310mm
Depth: 165mm (from mounting tab to control knob)
Weight: 4.2kg
IAPMO Approval: GMK10121
Injector Size: 0.62mm
Total NGC: 28.4 MJ
Run time from 9kg Gas bottle: ~15 hours
Min. Water Pressure (Water Flowing): 70kPa
Max. Water Pressure: 900kPa
Battery: 2 x DD
Flow Rate: 4-6L Per Minute
Max. Temp: 50°C
Max. Temp. Rise: 30°C
Temp. Rise @ 6L flow rate: 20°C
Gas Hose Length: 1.2m
Shower Hose Length: 5m

What's in the Box:

  • HOTTAP Water Heater
  • FLOTAP 12V Pump
  • LPG Quick Connect Coupler
  • 1.5m Suction Hose & 2m Outlet Hose for FLOTAP Pump
  • 7m Cigarette Socket Lead
  • 1.0m Alligator Clip Lead
  • Shower Hose & Shower Rose
  • Gas Hose & Regulator
  • Instruction manual
  • Mounting screws & Bolts