Fitletic Glo Reflective Safety Vest

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Made of lightweight and ultra-soft fabric. Our stylish reflective vest is designed with comfort and performance in mind. If you run, jog, walk, or cycle in the early morning or late hours of the night, you know that visibility is a safety concern. This reflective vest is the perfect solution. It’s loose enough to fit over bulky winter clothing yet lightweight enough to be comfortable during hot summer months. Bright and reflective, it helps you be visible in low-light conditions to passing drivers. It is great for running, cycling, walking and motorcycling. Provide 360 high visibility

Visible under all types of lighting and on streets that are not well-lit Effective year-round

Ultra lightweight, comfortable fabric & design

Pocket for small running essentials

Loops for clip on led light & etc.

Multiple reflective strips on front & back

Adjustable straps


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